A recycle /reuse failure

Dear Jockey for Her,

I purchased my first selection of your women’s cotton underwear back in the early 80’s because I wanted cotton underwear that would withstand the years of wear that I witnessed my dad, brothers and later, husband, enjoy.

I purchased a week’s supply and was delighted with what I first perceived as the quality I was hoping for. Months later, I was devasted when the elastic began to disintegrate.

As per my usual consumer guru style, I wrote a letter back then with a typewriter and a stamp complaining of the quality. I was pleased with your prompt response asking for my size and the quantity to be replaced, and even happier when they arrived without delay.

I have been a loyal customer since then, ever impressed with the research and development of products including hoisery, loungewear, sleepwear and bras intended to bring the Jockey quality to all areas of an active woman’s life.

Two days ago I received a shipment of your Jockey Elance french cut cotton underwear. I am not writing to complain about your product. I am so used to your high quality that I am now able to order the product online and avoid stores altogether. At my age, this pleases me.

I am writing to bring your attention to the packaging. Someone worked very hard to design bags using a heavy duty plastic complete with a ziploc seal. Plastic will long outlast any pair of underwear you will ever manufacture, so I appreciate the intent to make the bags heavy duty with a seal suggesting that someone was thinking about its reusability.

There’s only one problem. It’s a one and a half inch circular cutout roughly two and a half inches from the bottom of the bag. This cutout, presumably to allow potential customers to feel the luscious cotton quality of the underwear, renders the bag useless once the product is removed.

Since I’ve taken the time to write and bring your attention to this idiotic decision, please, oh please, for the sake of the kids and our glorious planet, rethink your packaging decisions.


the guru