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Every dollar you spend reinforces a company’s brand and makes the owner or shareholder richer.  The 99% of us have more power than we realize.  I’m here to help you regain control of your power and your pocketbook.


The internet has made writing complaint letters easier than ever.  But you still need the guru’s tips for success. 


The phone can sometimes be the least effective tool.  But with the Guru’s tips you can learn how not to spend the entire day on hold.


The least favorable option for everyone’s safety and mental health.  Sometimes it’s just the only option. 


The guru teaches you how to increase 
the value of every dollar you spend
by reminding you of the often
forgotten basic equation that
time equals money.





99% of US can 
change the world

How many times a week do you purchase a product because you know the name brand because you’ve seen it advertised or recommended over another product or manufacturer?

How many times a week does a product you’ve purchased because of its brand name underperform or disappoint you?

When you are disappointed, do you:
A) Attempt to repair the item?
B) Throw the item away?
C) Contact the manufacturer?

Did you know that most large companies have a customer service department?
And that smaller companies have at least one person designated to handle customer service inquiries?

Their purpose is to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.
I will teach you how and why to write a customer complaint letter that gets results.

By results, I mean you will at least feel better after you’ve written the letter. I will show you step by step how to write a letter that will be read and responded to.
You will choose to throw the item away only after exploring the other options I will teach you. You will throw it away as a last resort.

By holding companies accountable to making quality products, we thereby reduce waste due to poor quality and planned obsolescence. Stay tuned. This website is for you.


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Give someone a fish and they will eat for a day. Teach someone to fish and they will eat for a lifetime.  Or until we run out of fish (this is the point, we are running out of everything including time).  

from our readers

Here’s what our readers and participants have to say about the effectiveness of the Guru and her tactics.

“The guru helped me replace a faulty modem from a very successful computer company.”

Sally Landau

Best Selling Author and Coach,

“Simply Put, her services bring me a relief and a satisfaction with my corporate complaints in a way I could not have. She will not rest until there is suitable satisfaction.”

Noah Luke


“The guru helped me replace a kitchen sink from a reputable manufacturer when I renovated my kitchen.
The sink did not seem to have been properly glazed and was chipping after a year. Thank you for your great skills.”

D. Luke


“This is the most bang for the buck product I’ve ever used. After years of being fed up with throwing away money I spent on failed products and services, I now get satisfaction. Like the time a major computer manufacturer declined to replace the motherboard that the video driver died on because they checked it three weeks before and said it was fine and I would have to pay the $950 replacement cost. Well, with this knowledge I got them to fix the computer at no cost to me. Invest a little time and this will be the best money you ever spent.”

P. Baker

Owner, Baker Mechanical Services

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