How many times a week do you purchase a product because you know the name brand because you’ve seen it advertised or recommended over another product or manufacturer?

How many times a week does a product  you’ve purchased because of its brand name underperform or disappoint you?

When you are disappointed, do you:

A) Throw the item away?

B) Attempt to repair the item?

C) Contact the manufacturer?

Did you know that most large companies have a customer service department?

And that smaller companies have at least one person designated to handle customer service inquiries?

Their purpose is to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

For $5.00 I will teach you how and why to write a customer complaint letter that gets results.

By results, I mean you will at least feel better after you’ve written the letter. I will show you step by step how to write a letter that will be read and responded to.

You will choose to throw the item away only after exploring the other options I will teach you. You will throw it away as a last resort.  By holding companies accountable to making quality products, we thereby reduce waste due to poor quality and planned obsolescence.  Stay tuned.  This website is for you.